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a growth opportunity.

According to The Huffington Post, the growth rate of legal cannabis has already outpaced smart phones. Cannabis is expected to create more new jobs than manufacturing by 2020.

North American cannabis sales grew by an unprecedented 30% in 2016 to $6.7 billion and are projected to top $20.2 billion by 2021.

Forbes reports that, ‘this industry growth is larger and faster than even the dot-com era.’

And that’s just North America. The growth projections worldwide are off the charts.

Cannabis is clearly an exciting opportunity for investors. And Maricann Group Inc (C.MARI) is in an ideal position to help them tap into the “next big thing” as we continue to create a world of good.

investor information.

Maricann Group Inc. (C.MARI) is a publicly traded Canadian medical cannabis company that serves thousands of patients. Maricann Group Inc. trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under the trading symbol "MARI" or "C.MARI". Click here for more information.


Phase 1 Time Lapse Video

Maricann Langton new facility.

Bringing Scale, Control and Expertise Together

Scale makes a big difference in rapidly expanding, commodity-based industries such as medical cannabis. But sheer size isn’t everything. Long-term success requires quality control and industry expertise to turn scale into profitable, sustainable growth. That’s exactly the approach we’re taking at Maricann.

By November 2017, we will have expanded our current Langton facility from 44,000 to 217,500 square feet (20,206 square metres). From material handling to building automation systems, and from nursery to packaging, automation increases our yields.

That means we will grow more high-quality plants for lower costs. We’re on track to meet our cost objective of less than $1.34 per gram produced, making us among the lowest-cost producers. We will also be able to produce more high-quality plants in one hour than we currently do in one day. Plus, at 44,000 square feet, our new high-grade nursery – once complete – will be as large as our entire existing facility.



Key Milestones

2017 April - Public Offering - Maricann Group Inc. trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under the trading symbol is "MARI" or "C.MARI". 

2017 March - Raised $10 million in capital at a $250 million pre money valuation – VIII Capital Syndicate Leader

2017 January - Commenced sale of clones

2016 December - Raised $22 million in capital – at $50 million pre money valuation - VIII Capital Syndicate Leader

2016 October - First sale of extracted cannabis

2016 September - Earned Health Canada license to sell cannabis extracts

2016 February -  Purchase of 97.5 contiguous acres

2015 January - First dried Cannabis Sale

2014 December - Earned Heath Canada license to sell dried Cannabis

2014 March - Earned Health Canada license to cultivate plants

2013 April - Maricann Inc. founded in 2013, based in well-established agricultural region in southwestern Ontario, Canada

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